What languages are supported?
Currently, the tool supports English, French, Dutch and German.

Would you like to see another language? Let us know! We'll gladly add your prefered language.

What booking systems are supported?
We integrate seamlessly with Bookeo – www.bookeo.com.
Are you using another booking software and are interested in using Plan2Book? Please let us know! We are currently looking into adding Resova. Please let us know if that interests you.

What mailing systems are supported?
We integrate with MailChimp – www.mailchimp.com. Mailchimp is free for starters and the set up is really easy. A mailing system is not mandatory if you don't want to collect email addresses.
Are you using another mailing software and are interested in using Plan2Book? Please let us know!

What payment services are supported?
We integrate with Mollie, Stripe and Square.
A Mollie account is free and the set up only takes 15 minutes: www.mollie.com

A Stripe account is free as well. Set it up here: www.stripe.com

A Square account can be set up for free here:


A payment service is not mandatory if you don't ask for online payment for your bookings.
Are you using another payment service and are interested in using Plan2Book? Please let us know!

What does the interface look like?

You can experience our web app on our demo page.

A great example of an existing integration can be found on the website of De Gouden Kooi.

How long does a contract with plan2book run?

For as long as you want. There are no long-term contract terms and you can cancel your subscription with Plan2Book by issuing a 30 day advance notice.

How do I integrate this web app on my webpage?

Once you set up your account on our customer portal, you will receive a widget code to integrate on your webpage. It's as easy as ABC.

What about the pricing of this tool?
Check our pricing page. You only pay per planning that actually converted into a booking. Bookings directly via your booking system are not accounted for.


How do you make my customers' life easier?

Plan2Book aims to make the booking process as easy as possible by assisting at the planning of an activity.
Not only will the tool help your customers plan and book your team activity, it also includes several extra features such as:
- WhatsApp integration
- Sending out emails to inform the whole team

Customer satisfaction is key. Extra features will be implemented as we go.

How can we track the use of the tool? Is there a way to see if our clients actually book via the Plan2Book web app?
You can track the use of the tool in 3 ways:
1- via google events (in google analytics): there is an 'event' for a planning that has started, and a seperate 'event' for a booking that is made (via the planner)
2- via your personal portal on plan2book.com: here you will find all the applicable data in order to track your customer's use of the tool
3- via your booking tool: your booking tool registers that a booking is made via Plan2Book

Haven't found the answer to your question? Contact us!